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Change Reimagined

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We’ve made it easy for anyone to give change to anyone, using just your phone.

All it takes is the scan of a code, and the push of a button. We support Apple Pay, Android Pay and regular card payments.

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See It In Action

A Cashless Society

Touch id

Many of us no longer carry change, favouring contactless debit cards or smartphones instead.

This works great in most situations, but if you’re a busker, a charity worker or a homeless person needing a few coins, things are getting a lot harder.

The Future

Donation cards

We’ve made some great signs, cards and stickers that are easy to scan, and take you straight to a payment page when you do.

If you have Apple Pay or Android Pay on your phone, there’s nothing else to do but push the button.

If you're a busker, a charity, or anyone who would like to accept change, then sign up below!

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